Instructions for use Removio

Instructions for use of gel Removio

Removal (Anti-warts and papillae preparations) is a clinically proven and proven solution to remove papillomas and warts. It is an advanced formula that quickly removes papillae and restores skin health. The gel against warts and papillomas is completely composed of a natural ingredient, which is a huge plus for its use.

Indications for use are very simple, there are many types of lesions on the skin, and these are only a small part of them:

  • Oily warts (simple), make up 70% of all skin warts and are more common in school-age children. They exhibit elevation on the skin's surface with an uneven, keratinized surface. They usually appear on the hands, but they can also appear on the rim of the lips, on the face and very rarely on the mucous membranes of the mouth.
  • Warts are soft, fleshy papillae that are dark brown, often with stalks. They are located on the neck, eyelids, armpits, groin, under the mammary glands.

Everyone {in the Country} has ever noticed a warts or papilloma in themselves, has experienced a type of unpleasant formation. It also impedes freedom of movement and general self-care and can bleed and thus become a source of infection. And over time, they will completely turn into a cancerous tumor. Removal of such formations on the skin is a must.

The structure of the warts on the hands

How to apply gel to achieve the fastest and desired results? Everything is very simple.

To ensure the removal of skin cancer and normalize the structure of the epithelium, it is necessary to use the gel Removio according to the instructions. Once you have received Removio Gel and want to apply it, it is best to read the instructions for use that come with the kit. The manufacturer has put in a list of all the necessary steps for successful application of Removio. Of course, it is not possible to exceed the maximum amount of gel per day, as well as the number of applications.

one 2 3 four
Wash the shaken area with hot water for at least 5 minutes. also dry well. Squeeze a little of the gel and apply it to the affected area. Do this procedure 2-3 times a day without skipping, because you can achieve the desired and good results with just regular use. The affected areas will disappear after about 2-3 weeks.

Contraindicated for use

Naturally aligned premium ingredients generally do not cause skin irritation or discomfort during use. Although the skin's specificity can in any case lead to an abrupt result. To avoid negative reactions, the dosage and frequency of use indicated in the instructions must be observed.

Try not to apply the product to overly sensitive areas until you know it is right for your skin type. First, we recommend applying the gel to the inner surface of the wrist or elbow. In case of adverse reactions to the gel, you should not use it and see a dermatologist.

We remind you that you can order Removio in Switzerland on the manufacturer's official website, where you will get a -50% discount on the product.